Schoolboy Studying In Classroom With Teacher

Since 2006, OptiBrain Inc. has been offering UCMAS or ONTARIO CURRICULUM classes in English, Mathematics and French for students from ages 4 through 13 (Kindergarten to Grade 8) at two locations  (Markham and Woodbridge)

Our team of UCMAS course instructors includes former graduates and trained professionals who are eager learners and enjoy teaching innovative abacus-based math problem solving techniques that is guaranteed to boost your child’s proficiency in the following areas:

  •     Concentration
  •     Memory
  •     Speed and accuracy in solving math problems

 Similarly, our ONTARIO CURRICULUM courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school. Our curriculum course instructors are trained professionals who are experienced in working with children and youth and dedicate their time and energy to do everything from planning lessons, classwork and homework packages to collaborating with each other to help them reach their full academic potential.

When you choose to register your child for UCMAS or ONTARIO CURRICULUM classes, you can be sure that you are making a great investment  in your child’s future.  



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